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Welcome to the homepage of Chris Brzuska. I am a faculty member of the departments computer science as well as mathematics and systems analysis at Aalto University in Finland. My research area is cryptography and its connections to related areas such as IT security, verification and complexity theory.

Inclusiveness in Theory of Computation (TOC)

I would like to draw attention to the TOC initiative for inclusiveness in our research communities. Respecting each person, each person's boundaries, respecting difference and diversity is a central pillar of social well-being. If you would like to support the pledge for inclusiveness, you can do so here.

State-Separating Proofs

Our paper State-Separating Proofs: A Reduction Methodology for Real-World Protocols (joint work with A. Delignat-Lavaud, K. Kohbrok, M. Kohlweiss) is available on ePrint now.
One of the goals of the paper is to reduce suffering when writing and reading real-life protocol reduction proofs, to make them readable and verifiable and also shorter and more precise. To get a good idea about the potential for simplification, look at the original composability proof for Bellare-Rogaway secure key exchange starting on page 50 of my PhD Thesis.


The best way to contact me is usually via eMail chris dot brzuska at aalto dot fi and if you like, you can also encrypt your eMail using my PGP public key. You can also try to call me, but usually, the attempt to call me will be less successful, since I am strictly offline during research activity, teaching interactions and other personal interactions.


I will be teaching the cryptography course at Aalto University in Fall 2018.

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Short CV

Until March 2018, I was a junior professor at TU Hamburg in Germany and held the chair for IT Security Analysis in collaboration with and supported by NXP Semiconductors. Until September 2015, I was post-doc at Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK. Until September 2014, I was a post-doc at Tel-Aviv University working with Benny Applebaum and Iftach Haitner. Until October 2012, I was a PhD student advised by Marc Fischlin at TU Darmstadt. During my PhD, I also visited Russell Impagliazzo at IAS from October 2011 to March 2012. Before, I studied mathematics in Duisburg-Essen, Bordeaux and Darmstadt with the key aspects cryptography, logic and lattice theory.



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